Social Studies Objectives

To explore the world around us and understand how history has shaped today’s global community.
To become better productive citizens.
To master the content of Social Studies.
To actively participate in all aspects of the class.
To improve research, writing skills and oral presentation skills.
To work cooperatively with others.

The Fine Arts play a significant role at Redeemer Lutheran School. From first grade through their middle school years, students create original artwork in a wide variety of media.  Skill-based instruction in contour drawing, value, light shading, color theory, perspective, two-dimensional and three-dimensional design is provided sequentially throughout the grades.

To ensure that every student has an opportunity to learn the technology skills that will enhance their learning in today’s educational environment, and will help  the students to succeed in higher education and or the work force.

The goals for the English Department include the following:

An exposure to the many forms of English Language and Literature an appreciation of all literature with special reference to American and World Literature

The ParentPlus web portal connects parents and students with schools and teachers. As a parent, you can quickly stay informed about what's happening at the school and your children's classes—from knowing if the school is closed on a given day to seeing how well your child did on his or her last homework or exam. With features such as uploading homework as a parent or student is a breeze and only a few clicks away.


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