School supplies


Sixth Grade Supply List

#2 pencils                                                                                2 packs of 3x5 index cards

Loose-leaf paper                                                                       blue or black pens

Colored pencils                                                                         6 folders

Glue Sticks/Bottle                                                                     scissors

ESV Bible (can be purchased at school)                                      1 art box for supplies

Compass                                                                                  12” ruler with metric measure

Graph paper                                                                             protractor

6 spiral single subject notebooks (No multiple subject                  tissues

            notebooks)                                                                  markers

Assignment Pad (to be given out at school)                                crayons                                   

1 1inch plastic binder for Math (NO LARGE BINDERS)                 book cover     

3 journals (composition books)                                                 red pens

Highlighters                                                                              sneakers

Sanitizing wipes