Kindergarten Supply List

Tote bag or school bag (children can open/close themselves (Large enough to hold 9x13 books)


Family pictures for cubbies                                                        Extra set of clothes (including underwear and socks)

Lunch box – name on box

Velcro sneakers with non-scuffing soles (to be kept in school)        

large boxes of tissues                                                               3 dozen #2 pencils (sharpened)

4 Large rolls of papers towels                                                     safety scissors ONLY

                                                                                                rubber eraser pencil top only

2 boxes of 8 Crayola broad line markers, classic colors,              4boxes of Crayola crayons – Jumbo & regular   washable (no other acceptable)                                                           4 white glue sticks (Elmer’s or Kidsticks             only)

6 Folders with bottom pockets                                                  2-4oz bottle of Elmer’s glue

(Solid Colors Only no cartoon folders)                                 2 bottles of Lysol spray            

(.10 cents kind folders ONLY)                                              2 bottles of Clorox wipes

* 3 REDS                                                                                 1 package post-it notes

* 3 BLUES                                                                               1 large empty shoe box to fill all art supplies                  

2 bottles of hand sanitizer                                                         2 boxes Colored Pencils

1 package 3x5 index cards                                                         1 set of water color paint set with brush                                                              2 composition books                                                                        1 box of gallon size zip lock bags                      

2 containers of baby wipes