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All items MUST be labeled

1 large boxes of tissues                                                              4 large rolls of paper towels

3 containers of Clorox wipes                                                      1 pack of baby wipes

1 plastic folders                                                                         1 marble notebook

2 bottles of clear Elmer’s glue (7oz-8oz)                                      1 smock

1 plastic container (shoe box size)                                              1 box of regular crayons box of 24

Sneakers with Velcro closures (no laced sneakers                       School bag – big enough to hold 9x12 folder(no wheels)

         or sandals will be permitted)                                            2 changes of clothing (including shirt, pants, socks,

                                                                                                   underwear) put in the plastic container labeled

                                                                                                     with child’s name

Full Day Students

Lunch Box

2 crib sheets and 2 blankets

Tote bag – big enough to hold sheet and blanket