Current Parents

Current Parents

Current Parents

Make a difference!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to another exciting and fun-filled year of school! I am pleased to announce that Redeemer Lutheran will be participating in the Box Tops for Education fundraiser again this year! Through this fundraiser, you can help our school earn cash every time you shop for groceries! This year, we hope to raise $600 for various needs throughout the school! But we need your help to achieve this goal! Here's how you can participate in our Box Tops fundraiser!

•         Clip Box Top coupons of hundreds of participating products. Each coupon is

worth ten cents for our school and that adds up fast!

•         When you have collected 25 Box Tops, send them into school in an envelope or

sandwich bag labeled with your child's name and class and the amount collected.

Box Top certificates from various supermarkets can also be added to your child's

submission. Please make sure that all Box Tops collected have expiration
dates or it is not a valid Box Top!

•         For every 25 Box Tops your child collects and submits, they will receive a NUT

(No Uniform Today) card. Nursery and Pre-K students can also collect and

submit Box Tops. They will receive a special prize from the prize box for their


•         Twice a year, the Box Tops are sent to Box Tops for Education and a check is

sent for each Box Top coupon redeemed.

Box Tops for Education also allows you to shop online and raise money for the school! Shop at your favorite online stores through the Box Tops Marketplace. Up to 15% of your purchase total is automatically donated to our school, at no additional cost to you. Plus, you get exclusive Box Tops deals and discounts.

Box Tops also allows you to buy books online through the Reading Room, a partnership between Box Tops and Barnes and Noble, Our school receives up to 6% of qualifying purchases.

Please visit to sign up for Box Top sweepstakes, money-saving coupons for Box Top products, family-pleasing recipes as well as more information on other Box Tops programs!

Thanks for choosing to make a difference for our school with Box Tops!

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Eighth Grade Supply List

3 ring loose leaf binder and filler paper                                       dividers for loose leaf

Ball point pens (blue, black, red)                                                crayons

ESV Bible (can be purchased at school)                                      #2 pencils

Colored pencils                                                                         12” ruler with metric measure

Scissors                                                                                   Elmer’s glue and glue stick

Protractor and compass                                                             book covers

3x5 index cards                                                                        2 large box of tissues

Plastic storage box (shoe box size) for supplies                           hand sanitizer

Graph paper (1/4 inch squares)                                                 2-3 highlighters

Notebook for Social Studies and folder                                       sneakers

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All items MUST be labeled

1 large boxes of tissues                                                              4 large rolls of paper towels

3 containers of Clorox wipes                                                      1 pack of baby wipes

1 plastic folders                                                                         1 marble notebook

2 bottles of clear Elmer’s glue (7oz-8oz)                                      1 smock

1 plastic container (shoe box size)                                              1 box of regular crayons box of 24

Sneakers with Velcro closures (no laced sneakers                       School bag – big enough to hold 9x12 folder(no wheels)

         or sandals will be permitted)                                            2 changes of clothing (including shirt, pants, socks,

                                                                                                   underwear) put in the plastic container labeled

                                                                                                     with child’s name

Full Day Students

Lunch Box

2 crib sheets and 2 blankets

Tote bag – big enough to hold sheet and blanket


Redeemer has uniform dress.  Consistency in uniform dress is considered very important.  Students who do not have proper dress may, if necessary, be temporarily suspended from class.  Uniforms will be checked each day.


Nursery        Casual or active-wear

Boys K-8    Navy Blue uniform sweater        White shirt  - long or short sleeves
                            Tie - K-6 Plaid, pre-knotted
        Gray uniform trousers                7-8 Plaid, four-in-hand
        Black shoes                Gym uniform (5-8)
        Black, blue, grey or white  socks

Girls K-4    Plaid jumper with matching tie and white blouse with Peter Pan collar - long or short sleeves
        Optional - Navy pants with elastic waist, matching navy bolero

Girls 5-8        Plaid uniform skirt with white pointed collar blouse (long or short sleeves)
        Navy bolero must be worn with uniform skirt
        Optional - Navy pants with fitted band; matching navy bolero
        Skirts are to be at knee length

Girls K-8    White anklets, white or navy uniform knee socks
        White or navy uniform leotards may be worn in cold weather
        Make-up (lipstick, nail polish, etc) is not permitted
        Jewelry in moderation
        Head bands are not permitted

Boys/Girls    All day wear – uniform cardigan sweater, blazer, or fleece jacket only.

Shoes - Boys and Girls - flat heeled black shoe - typical of oxford or loafer.  (No sneakers)

All students    It is recommended that parents provide overshoes for inclement weather.  Students will not be
        permitted to wear boots in the classroom.

        Uniform jackets or uniform sweaters should always be available at school.  Common sense
        (and climatic conditions, particularly temperature) will determine when jackets or sweaters are
        to be worn.
        An optional sweater vest is available from the uniform supplier and may be worn by the boys.

        Other jackets, coats or sweaters may be worn for outside play.  Only clothing prescribed or
        allowed by the uniform dress policy may be worn inside the school.

        “Heelys” type sneakers are not permitted.

Note:        If because of allergy or physician’s recommendation, a child is required to wear special clothing
        (Shoes or socks), please notify the office.  
        Everything must be labeled.

        Boys - may wear earrings (pierced) on Non-Uniform days only.

        Golf (polo) shirt has limited wear time, (April, May and June)

        NO MORE THAN 1 N.U.T. CARD CAN BE USED PER WEEK.  N.U.T. cards may not be
        used on Chapel Days.  N.U.T. Cards do not excuse Grades 5-8 from Gym Uniform use.

        Non-uniform days -  There are restrictions, posted and discussed  with students.