Our Spruce Lake Trip for Grades 5 & 6 will take place May 24th - 26th. Here are few clips from our previous visit to Spruce Lake.

Thank you for attending the Mother Son Game night.  Special thanks to our class parents, design team, our chefs, chaperone's, grandparents and friends that all participated in making our game night an exciting evening for Mothers and their sons. Opportunities like this are so important for sons to see how important it is to work alongside with your special lady. Thank you Redeemer families and friends on allowing us the opportunities to help cultivate those seeds that have been planted.

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Statistics show that a young girl will seek her father’s love first at home.  If she doesn’t find it, she will seek it elsewhere. The Father Daughter Dance focuses on the importance of fathers, grandfathers, uncles, male figures and their girls having strong, healthy relationships.   The first strong male bond girls have is with their father’s, grandfathers, uncle or male figures and this event teaches young girls what it means to be treated with love and respect.  The goal is that father’s, grandfathers, uncle or male figures will continue to be positive role models and that these girls will have healthy relationships as teens and adults as a result.

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Pre-K class has started a Mystery Reader Program in the classroom. Each week, a new family is selected  to be the Mystery Reader. Each family picks the day, time and person that will come in the following week to read to the class. Today, we had Matthew's mom (Charissa) come in to read a book about ships and Mama, Can You Hold My Hand.
Here are some pictures from today's Mystery Reader Session. 
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