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24 September 2015 In 8th Grade

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Eighth Grade Supply List

3 ring loose leaf binder and filler paper                                       dividers for loose leaf

Ball point pens (blue, black, red)                                                crayons

ESV Bible (can be purchased at school)                                      #2 pencils

Colored pencils                                                                         12” ruler with metric measure

Scissors                                                                                   Elmer’s glue and glue stick

Protractor and compass                                                             book covers

3x5 index cards                                                                        2 large box of tissues

Plastic storage box (shoe box size) for supplies                           hand sanitizer

Graph paper (1/4 inch squares)                                                 2-3 highlighters

Notebook for Social Studies and folder                                       sneakers

24 September 2015 In School Supplies

school supplies

Seventh Grade

1 journal                                                                                   5 1subject Spiral Notebooks                             

Loose leaf paper                                                                        ESV Bible         

Highlighter                                                                                #2 pencils                                                        

2 3x5 packs of index cards                                                         3 folders                                                         

Black/Blue Pens                                                                         Colored Pencils                                                           

Washable Markers                                                                     Scissors

Glue Stick                                                                                 Art Box (No larger than a hard shell pencil case)

7 Book Covers                                                                          2 boxes of tissues

1 Roll of Paper Towels                                                               1 container of sanitizing wipes

24 September 2015 In School Supplies

School supplies


Sixth Grade Supply List

#2 pencils                                                                                2 packs of 3x5 index cards

Loose-leaf paper                                                                       blue or black pens

Colored pencils                                                                         6 folders

Glue Sticks/Bottle                                                                     scissors

ESV Bible (can be purchased at school)                                      1 art box for supplies

Compass                                                                                  12” ruler with metric measure

Graph paper                                                                             protractor

6 spiral single subject notebooks (No multiple subject                  tissues

            notebooks)                                                                  markers

Assignment Pad (to be given out at school)                                crayons                                   

1 1inch plastic binder for Math (NO LARGE BINDERS)                 book cover     

3 journals (composition books)                                                 red pens

Highlighters                                                                              sneakers

Sanitizing wipes            

24 September 2015 In School Supplies

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Fifth Grade Supply List

9 Composition Notebooks (NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS)                   10 2 pocket folders

2 pkgs Loose-Leaf Paper (wide ruled)                                        1 pkg Black Ballpoint pens

1 red and 1 Blue Ballpoint Pen                                                   1 pkg Blue Ballpoint pens

1 pkg #2 Pencils with erasers (sharpened)                                 1 Hi-lighter (any color)

1 scissor                                                                                  1 (12 inch) ruler with metric

2 glue sticks                                                                             1 pkg 12 Colored Pencils

1 pkg Crayons                                                                          1 pkg Water Color Paints

1 pkg Washable Markers                                                           7 Book Covers (brown paper is fine)

2 boxes of tissues and 2 rolls of paper towels                              1 ESV Bible (available at school)

1 roll of scotch tape                                                                   4 pads of standard size post-its (any color)

Calculator                                                                                 Protractor

Graph Paper Notebook                                                             1 pencil sharpener


Redeemer Lutheran School

69-26 Cooper Ave. Glendale NY 11385