To ensure that every student has an opportunity to learn the technology skills that will enhance their learning in today’s educational environment, and will help  the students to succeed in higher education and or the work force.


Our Technology curriculum incorporates the basic skills that lay the foundation for all future learning, those of reading, math, science, problem solving, analytical thinking, effective communication and the ability to work well with others. In addition, the curriculum includes those essential skills, which are vital to future learning within this specific content area, critical for mastery of the course, and specified within the scope and sequence of technology education.Students in 5th to 8th Grade will be able to demonstrate the following performance competencies:tech 2

Develop strategies to identify and solve basic problems that occur during everyday classroom activities.
Use specific tools, software, and simulators to support learning and solve problems.
Apply the productivity/multimedia tools, programs, and peripherals to support personal productivity throughout the educational curriculum.
Collaborate with others to investigate, develop, and use information for products and presentations both inside and outside the classroom.
Demonstrate an understanding of the practical applications to learning and problem solving.
Develop attitudes, knowledge and habits relative to personal and environmental safety.
Show a knowledge of current changes in technology and the effects those changes have on global societies and cultures.
Understand the ethical behaviors that should be used when dealing with technology issues.



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