Dear Redeemer Lutheran Parents:

The School year at Redeemer is off to a great start!  Our teachers and students will soon be settling into their routines and will be on the road to an outstanding year. We are very excited to start another school year and I we are looking forward to our student’s successes in the coming months!

At Redeemer, we feel that building relationships with our students and parents is important towards understanding what will make each student successful every day.  Additionally at Redeemer, our teachers understand that focusing on aligned instruction, engaging students in the thinking process of learning, and maximizing learning time with high yield strategies are key ingredients in meeting the goal of academic success for all our students.

We teach the Common Core Skills required to make sure that our students are ready for  New York State Exam. As parents, you are our partners in your child’s education. We ask you to join us in making learning a priority. These are some ways you can help:

Get your child to school on time. Our day begins at 8:30 a.m. Your child must be in the classroom at that time in order to avoid being counted as tardy. Traffic is always heavy in the morning. Please leave home in time to allow for this.
Make sure that your child does his or her homework. Homework is given for a variety of reasons, primarily to reinforce skills already taught in the classroom. It is not busy work, but a valuable learning tool.
Check your child’s folder or agenda when it comes home. These are the tools that teachers use to keep you informed and that you can use to communicate with teachers.
Read with or to your child every night. Reading is a skill critical to the mastery of all other subjects. As with any other skill, the more it is practiced, the stronger it becomes.
Practice those math facts! Although we work a lot on problem solving in math, they must know the facts in order to get the problem correct.
The staff at Redeemer is ready to meet the challenges and reap the rewards that we know this year will bring. We look forward to working with our students, parents, and community members to accomplish great things!

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